My firm belief is that Technology is enabler to achieve outcomes. Technology is not the end, but part of the journey, and the journey should be enjoyed!

I have been involved in technology and exercising my mind for over 45 Years, from Radio technology to Fibre Technology, with some time doing more physical activities

Technology has enabled me to take the photo you see to the left, timing was also an important aspect, but it makes for an interesting image.

My site will cover various aspects of Technology and Science, and the links on the side will take you to the appropriate page. This site is not a show case of design, nor smart use of technology, other than showing that I have figured out some basic elements. Having worked with some amazing Designers and Creatives, I can see them cringing, but I am more interested in the content at this stage, having tried more complex forms for Web Site Creation, as well as coding. I am intending to look at areas that interest me, and put links that may interest readers.

Areas that I have an interest in and intend to cover are :-

Technology in General
Blockchain & Ditributed Ledgers
Science - specifically around the Brain and Memory an area of fascination for me